104 Academic Year (66th) Athletic Games of National Taiwan University

      • 2015-12-08
      • Shaw Yung-Chin

      Date:2015.11.21-22 ( Sat., Sun.)
      Location :Athletic field in main campus of NTU
      NTU holds athletic games annually in order to promote the sports and health among the faculty, staff and students. The sport games include high jump, long jump, running… etc. There are groups of male and female students, staff and Alumnus.
      Dean Shan-Chwen Chang led the faculty, staff and students of College of Medicine circling the field impressively during the opening ceremony. The College of Medicine has achieved high performance this year as featured by the winning of numerous medals.
      Thanks to Li-Sheng Deng / Yu-Hsuan Hsieh / Hao-Ping Wang for helping photography
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