• About BOSA in Medical Campus, NTU

      The major goal is to nurture our students into successful members of the society by following the institution’s motto: integrity, diligence, patriotism, and philanthropy.


    Name Suh-Fang Jeng
    Email jeng@ntu.edu.tw
    Office Tel No. 62193


    Name Shaw Yung-Chin
    Email syn44@ntu.edu.tw
    Office Tel No. 23517168 23123456-88044
    Name Shuean-Lan Hsieh
    Email shlanhsieh@ntu.edu.tw
    Office Tel No. 23517168 23123456-88045


    Name Su-Jen Wei
    Email psyungi@ntu.edu.tw
    Office Tel No. 23517168 23123456-88042
    Name Jie-Bing Song
    Email redbean@ntu.edu.tw
    Office Tel No. 23517168 23123456-88043