Shuean-Lan  Hsieh
      Job Title chief
      Name Shuean-Lan Hsieh
      Office Tel No. 23517168 23123456-88045
      Email shlanhsieh@ntu.edu.tw
      Duties 1. Data processing and contact for teacher and student’s data in the medical campus

      2. Assessment of the tuition waiver of students in the medical campus

      3. Application for insurance payment of student groups

      4. Loan application, auditing and transfer in the medical campus

      5. Management of student conduct score as well as merit and demerit

      6. Management of estimation, record, application, payment and reimburse of governmental subsidization

      from Department of Health, Veterans AffairsCommision, Executive Yuan for government-subsidized

      medical students

      7. Management of Gender Equality Appeals Panel and related administrative matters in the medical campus

      8. Management of residence visas and health insurance for overseas students in the medical campus

      9. Management of immigration and emigration of overseas students and discount plane tickets

      10. Basic information collection and management of students in the medical campus

      11. Application of withdrawing and returning in the medical campus

      12. Management of the lost and found

      13. Opinions collection from routine gathering of students and teachers in the medical campus