Su-Jen Wei
      Job Title Staff
      Name Su-Jen Wei
      Office Tel No. 23517168 23123456-88042
      Email psyungi@ntu.edu.tw
      Duties 1. Administrative counseling for data establishment, training program, application and payment for activity
      subsidization, and property management of student associations and student clubs in the medical campus
      2. Coordination, planning and management of activity venues in the medical campus
      3. Recruiting the Medical Campus Student’s Affairs Consultative Committee and related administrative
      4. Recruiting and administrative managing the auditing committee for all deaprtments of outstanding
      studentsinthe medical campus
      5. Auxiliary of the medical campus anniversary celebrations
      6. Counseling student sports organizations to participate in or host the annual National Medical Cup
      (Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Soccer, and Soft Soccer)
      7. Counseling, administrative support, fund raising, and faculty instruction arrangement for student service
      clubs to hold the social and medical clinic, home visits, and health education in the secluded rural areas
      8. Recruiting the gatherings for leaders in student clubs, student associations for individual department, and
      class representative from each class
      9. Property management, annual budgeting, the expenditure record of branch office of student affairs in
      medical camps, NTU.
      10. Regular cleaning and register of student lockers in Basic Medical Building
      11. Supervision of dietary sanitation of faculty and student’s lounge in Joint Teaching Building.
      12. Counseling for administration and card swiping system management by autonomic student studying
      room administration group
      13. Supervision of dietary sanitation of faculty and student’s lounge in Joint Teaching Building to attend the
      meetings and workshops of Dietary Coordinating Committee in the main campus, to supervise dietary
      sanitation in the school cafeteria, in order to protect the dietary safety of teachers and students