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      Financial Aids

      The School Emergency Funding
      According to the regulations of the emergency funding concerning the students who encountered accidents and need financial help, the school offers subsidies to help them get through the difficulties in lives.
      Emergency Funding of the Ministry of Education
      The Ministry of Education offers subsidies to the students who have difficulties attending the school because of the accidents of their families.

      If the students who take part in the insurance need to be observed in the hospital because of certain diseases or accidents, or when the accidents cause physical disabilities or death, the insurance fund would be paid according to the standards of the insurance clauses.

      Tuition and miscellaneous fees exemption is conducted under the regulations of the Ministry of Education for the low-income families, the disable, and the children of the disable, the aborigine, the children of deceased military servicemen, civil servants and teachers, the children of the military men, and women who confront specific circumstances.

      To breed the talents and fulfill the goals of the equality in education opportunity, and help the students in low-income family to finish the education, the government pays the interest of the student loan during the period of their study in school and service in the military, and drastically reduces the interest rate to help the students.