105 Academic Year Second Semester: Exercise and Health Promotion Class at NTU Medical Campus

      • 2017-05-02
      • Shaw Yung-Chin

      Date: 2017.03.08 (Wen) 17:00 -20:35
      Location: Stadium of NTUCM
      Participants: Staff and students in NTU CM and CPH
      Teachers: Mr. Chia-Che Chang, Olympic National Champion; Ms. Chuang-Yuan Ciou Physical Therapist of Sport and Management Center, Taipei Municipal Hospital
      17:00-17:30   Registration and dinner time
      17:30-17:35   Opening remarks by Dr. Shan-Chwen Chang (Dean of NTUCM), Dr. Wei- J. Chen (Dean of NTUCPH) , and Dr. Suh-Fang Jeng (Director of Branch of Student Affairs NTUCM)
      17:35-19:05   Topic: Right pose first then fastness in the training of          
                             running(Instructor: Mr. Chia-Che Chang)

      19:05-20:35   Topic: Running with correct pose (Instructor: Ms. Chuang-Yuan Ciou)
      (Photo credit to Mr. Chang-Yi Cai )

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