2017 Orientation for Freshmen of College of Medicine (CM) and College of Public Health (CPH) of National Taiwan University (NTU)

      • 2017-09-07
      • Shaw Yung-Chin

      Date2017.09.3 (Sun.) 14:30-17:30
      Location1F Hall, the Basic Medical Science Building NTUCM
      14:30-15:10   From NTU Campus to NTUCM
      15:10-15:25   Check in
      15:25-15:40   Opening by bell strike and chorus of “Craving for the Spring Wind (望春風)”
      15:40-15:50   Speech by Prof. Shan-Chwen Chang, Dean of NTUCM
      15:50-15:55   Speech by Prof. Chang-Chuan Chan, Dean of NTUCPH
      15:55-16:00   Speech by Prof. Hong-Nerng Ho, Superintendent of NTU Hospital
      16:00-16:05   Introduction of Academic Affairs Services by Prof. Sung-Tsang Hsieh, Dean of Branch of Academic Affairs, NTUCM
      16:05-16:10   Introduction of Student Affairs Services by Prof. Suh-Fang Jeng, Dean of Branch of Student Affairs, NTUCM
      16:10-16:15   Speech by Ms. Yu-Xuan Zhou, President of NTUCM Student Association and Mr. Shi-Xiang Liao, President of NTUCPH Student Association
      16:30-17:30   Parent-faculty forum at each school
      (Thank for master of ceremony: Mr. Ms.Kai-Yuan Gao; photographer: Ms. Yun-Ting Xie and Mr. Yu-Xuan Xie; chorus at ceremony: Yu-Ru ZengTai-Yuan ZengTing WangMeng-Ya Lin)
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