Ceremony of 121th Anniversary of NTU College of Medicine

      • 2018-04-23
      • Shaw Yung-Chin

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      Date:2018.04.13 (Fri.) 14:00-15:50

      Location:1F Hall, the Basic Medical Science Building in College of Medicine

      13:30-14:00    Check in
      14:00-14:10    Music Performance
      14:10-14:15    Opening remarks by Dr. Shan-Chwen Chang, Dean of NTUCM
      14:15-14:25    Speech by distinguished guests 
      14:25-14:55    Speech by Mr. Stanley Yen , Chairman of Nonprofit Platform Foundation
                             Topic: Find yourself on the word map
      14:55-15:10    Awarding of appreciation certificates to alumnus
                              1.1968 alumni of NTU school of medicine
                              2.Dr. Xiang-Yu Wan, alumnus of NTU school of medicine
      15:10-15:20    Award of “Dr. Lee Chen-Yuan, Former Dean of NTUCM Commemorate
                              Medical Reward of year 2018”   

                              Award acceptance speech
      15:20-15:50   Student Awards
                             1.Maple Altruistic Award of Medical Campus
                             2.Acceptance speech by Mr. Yu-Chuan Tu, representative of Maple Altruistic Award
                             3.Outstanding youth and student awards of NTU College of Medicine in 106 academic year
                             4.Outstanding academic paper awards by graduate and undergraduate students

                             5.Awards of essay competition by Maple News and Commentary
      15:50-            Photo and Tea Time